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25/05/2018, 13:46:09

We believe that the constant training for our 6,500 hardworking employees and the upgrading for their skills and knowledge are paramount to our continuous growth and success.

Early in 2007, Truong Thanh established a training center with the aid of the German Technical Corporation (GTZ) AND THE German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The center has been providing a good source of qualified managers and skilled workers for Truong Thanh, as well as other companies in the industry.


We are also honorable supported by Private Sector Development program (PSD) sponsored by the Royal Danish Government in 2000. In addition, regular courses such as Chain of Custody (CoC), ISO 9001:2008, LEAN manufacturing, 6 Sigma etc., have helped to improve our knowledge of production and quality management.

Moreover, in order to prepare a good inheritance generation for manager position, we have also a 2 year training program for key personnel based on MBA program to ensure that averagely 45 staff can be promoted each year.


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