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25/08/2019, 21:57:22

1. Introduction

TTF's engineering floorings are produced in Japanese high technology and complied with EN 13329 (EU standard).

2. The advantages of Engineering Flooring:

 - Anti-scratch, high level (AC3-AC4) of abrasion.

 - Water-resistance and highly humidity resistance. No damage after 1 week steep.

 - High aestheticism with various veins and colors which are selected from natural wood for both antique and modern apprearance.

 - Non-toxic, non-formaldehyde or in very low rate depending on the grade. No toxic additive such as heavy mental chemicals, PVC, PCB, Dioxin, etc,.  for ensuring the users' health.

 - No discoloration under the direct lights of the sun because of UV coating.

 - Easy and quick assembly because of T&G system.

 - Competitive price.

3. The common dimensions: 15/3x90/120/140 x RL (400-2600mm).

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