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1. Introduction

Used primarily as a substrate in the furniture by non-structural panels, Particle Board (PB) is ideal for applications to obtain the most economical options for general indoor building requirements. Being aware of such benefits and making use of sawmill shavings and saw dust from wood processing, Truong Thanh Furniture Corp. has recently introduced PB to our worldwide customers as one of our main ranges of products with the desire to diversify applications to our products and maximize choices to our customers on their varied requirements.

The outstanding features of free of formaldehyde and the compliance with E0 standard and CARB P2 (certified by Intertek) - the two most significant standards for PB and furniture manufacturers to export their products into international markets – have enabled our PB products to successfully penetrate into such strict markets as the US and EU. Besides, with our know-how and quality focus, the PB from our factory is much stronger and better than any MDF or PB at same price you can find over the world.

Furthermore, thanks to the modern automatic and synchronous production lines for PB supplied by Compak Systems from the United Kingdom, our factory can supply approximately 30,000 m3/year at least to ensure the capacity of our indoor factories as well as our customers’ orders.

2. The common dimension: T 6/ 9/ 12/ 15/ 18/ 21/ 24 x W1220 x L2440mm.

3. Specifications : 

 Technical Standards Unit  Imported PB  Imported MDF  TTF's PB

MOE: (Modulus of Elasticity)

 N/mm2  1680-2000  1700-2400  2100-2750

MOR:(Modulus of Rupture)

 N/mm2  8-12  12-17  12-17

IB: (Internal bonding)

N/mm2 0.6-0.9 0.7-1.1  0.8-1.2

MDI Resin: (Dephenylmethane Diisocyanate)

N/mm2 E1, E2,  Carb P2 E1, E2,  Carb P2  E0, Carb P2
Water-Resistance during 24 hours % 50 30 03-05
Density Kg/m3 <720 <770 800-850

4. The advantages of TTF's PB:

  - Our high quality Carb P2/E0 certified Particle Board (mean non-formaldehyde) is suitable for combining to make Indoor Furniture for US, Europe,Japan market.

  - Our Particle Board can bear a high impact, be water-resistant, not layer separated and not be bent after a long time of using. It has the high quality with the competitive price, even it's very hard for imported MDF to compare.

  - It also has a homogeneuous and firm structure, a flat surface with high IB so it's quite workable for screwing, shaping, edge rounding, bend and drill. Thus, our  PB is an ideal choice for you in production, even you want to face it with veneer, or melamine or paper, etc.

  - Receiving the goods on time to help the furniture manufacturers more active in production because of not import.

  - Resonable price.

 5. Application:

PB is ideal option for such indoor facilities as:

  • Wardrobes
  • Shelves
  • Cupboards
  • Cabinets
  • Wall units
  • Tables
  • Beds





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