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19/07/2019, 21:11:32

With nearly 20 years of experience in the wood-processing industry has enabled us to offer a wide variety of products. With a strong and highly invested R& D team, our own designs accounted for over 80% of the products sold. 

At Truong Thanh, every detail matters to produce strong and durable products with the highest quality. We use from properly kiln-dried timber with moisture contents suitable for each market, high quality and non-formaldehyde glue from trusted suppliers such as Jowat, Azo Nobel, Kony Bond, etc., to high quality hardware and proper packaging materials to prevent products from damages during transportation. Never being satisfied with what we have achieved, our engineers and workers are striving everyday to reach the higher standard of product perfection.

Quality assurance: Detailed inspection is integrated as a vital element of our production process. With a professional QC team, we carefully manage the inspection at every stage of Chain of Custody ( Coc) to ensure that all products are of the best quality and easily traceable.

Outdoor Furniture: including tables, chairs, lounges, round or square or rectangular parasols etc. designed with extendable, foldable or adjustable features, suited for all entertaining, commercial and industrial projects. Our products are made unique, smooth and long-lasting with special finishing techniques such as baby-skin sanding, teak oiling, and outdoor PU coating.

Indoor Furniture: including practical ranges of tea tables, chairs, sofa, dining sets, beds, shelves, cabinets, chests, doors, etc which are beautifully designed in an array of diversified styles. In addition to the solid wood furniture, we have skillfully used MDF/ PB and plywood (E1/ E0/ CARB) topped with well-matched veneer to produce elegant pieces of furniture, which presents a natural look while ensuring product quality at a very affordable cost.

Floorings: Truong Thanh also carries a range of unfinished and pre-finished floorings, moldings, ceilings and wall panels, all of which are available in solid or engineering beautiful Teak, Vietnam Cherry, Pyinkado, Keruing, Yellow Balau and many more. This diversified product range allows us to meet the varied requirements of end-users.

Substrates in the furniture: Truong Thanh also supply PB, plywood (E1/E0/CARB) , veneer for enterprises of same industry. The various substrates allows us to meet our customers' strict requests.

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