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16/02/2019, 18:23:31

We have invested in the latest wood – processing technology available in Europe and Asia, mainly from Germany, Italia and Taiwan, especially the most modern machines such as:


  • 6-Axe CNC Machine Master (Paolino Bacci)
  • 5-Axe CNC Machine with 2 Automatic Hopperfeed (Jet Semi-automatic Clamps positioning-Paolino Bacci)
  • CNC Cross-Cut System (C14-MKL)
  • Optimizing Center (Christof Reinhardt Mascinenbau)
  • Membrane Press (Wemhoner)
  • Signal Direction Bending Machine (CH100P-110)
  • Copying Sanding Shaping Machine with 6 Operating Heads FC6 (Paolino Bacci)
  • Double End Round Tenoning Machine with Automatic Hopperfeed TSD/CSF2 (Paulino Bacci)
  • UV Coating Roller Full Line (Cefla)
  • PU Finishing Line Cart Pallet Conveyer (10 containers/day/set)
  • Automatic Electrostatics Spraying System (Big Toyo)
  • Auto-controlled drying kilns imported from Italia

The machines are fully or semi-automatic system which can provide high capacity and accuracy. Besides, we have applied and developed LEAN 6 SIGMA to increase the capacity and decrease the costs, bringing customers more delight with our competitive prices and on-time delivery.

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