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25/08/2019, 20:51:02

Wood logs selected for veneer production are cut lengthways into shapes called ‘flitches', which maximize the recovery of veneer. Veneer leaves are rotary cut or sliced off the flitches at the thickness of 0.3mm and over. The kiln-dried veneer leaves are kept in order as they come out of the dryer and are assembled as bundles.

Veneers have been used by furniture makers and joiners for thousands of years because veneers are easy to use, economical, and apply to a range of applications and installations.

TTF’s veneers have the various nice veins and colors which are cut from the various kinds of solid wood, such as Oak, Ash veneer, Beech, VN Cherry, Poplar, Mahogany, etc.

The dimension: follow customers’ requests.

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